Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy

by The Thrashers

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Winnipeg’s Punk and Surf innovators The Thrashers have gone interstellar! Their new record “Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy” warps one’s perception of what’s possible in the world of DIY punk rock. This album explodes in all directions. The Thrashers have crafted a dystopian soundscape fraught with images of Cold War era science fiction set to music inspired by some of North America’s most subversive genres - Rock and Roll, Surf, Hardcore Punk and Jazz. Never thematically restricted, the band traverses all terrains. Whether it’s the crushing weight of the deep ocean, the horrors of metropolitan life or the exhilarating unknowns of outer space, The Thrashers confront them with humour, with reverence and with rhythm.


released March 28, 2015

Jesse Bercier - Guitar/Vocals
Sean G - Drums
Iaian Loeppky - Bass/Vocals




The Thrashers Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg’s Punk and Surf innovators The Thrashers have gone interstellar! Playing nearly non-stop since 2008 and releasing a steady flow of records since 2010, The Thrashers are in peak shape and in 2015 they’re touring across the country. They’ll skateboard in your streets, they’ll drink your beer, they’re coming to party and they’re coming to dance.

(all photos by jsenftphotography)
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Track Name: Webbed Feet
I got brand new lungs and feet to match
It was only last week that I hatched
For an ectotherm a human doesn't care
Now I'm on the surface breathing all your air

Human, monster, frog-man, webbed feet
Mutant, monster, frog-man, webbed feet
Amphibian, psychotic, webbed feet
Yeah, webbed feet

I camouflage in seaweed well enough
But I live in the city, so it’s tough
I'm getting looks on the job or in the street
In the swamp I'm just an average kind of freak


People ask me if I'm slimy to the touch
And why I don’t like to talk so much
I tell ‘em “Lubricants are fun haven’t you heard?”
But squawking with your friends in for the birds
Track Name: Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy
New colours in the sky, foreign sounds
Unknown to human kind. What could we have found?
God damn, we lost the race
Not to another man, they came from outer space

Come on, brothers and comrades
We all face the end
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
We’ve got a bigger problem now
Can’t you see?
Robot invaders from the Death galaxy

Gasp for breath, aching lungs
Dust cloud red blocking out the sun
Our fate is underground
Losing side
Where is god now? We’re running out of time

Let’s all look at bodies
Stacked like skyscrapers
Let’s read “Human Race Extinct”
In our own newspapers
Sheets of blood come pouring down
Like heavy rain
I ate a pack of batteries
And my skin turned gray

I don’t like to eat, not every day
I feel the same about sleep. There’s gotta be another way
I’m feeling bound and gagged by this human stuff
It’s a real drag, I’m gonna give it up

My voice sounds like it’s dripping out your radio
Electric current receptor pads
In my eyeballs
My brain for a circuit board
Has been replaced
An electric current mind
For my radioactive gaze

I don’t like to look at what I’ve become
Except for Hate and Kill
My emotions have been numbed
Will I ever see my friends again?
We’ll never know
Because the fucking digital
Won’t let me go